I need advice on getting my nine-month old daughter to let me brush her teeth (she currently has 5 teeth). As background, the only thing she will let me put in her mouth is a spoon full of food. She even refuses to let me feed her pieces of finger food—she must do it herself...So short of forcing her mouth open (which I would prefer not to do) and fighting a mad baby. I’m not sure how to get her to let me brush her teeth. Any ideas are appreciated!
— Leslie
I’m wondering how parents get their young toddlers to brush their teeth. We’ve been trying to brush our little boy’s teeth since the first one came out at 6 months but it’s not working! He enjoys the activity and wants to brush his teeth when he sees us brushing ours, but he usually just sucks on the toothbrush and there’s no actual brushing involved...I’m just afraid that his 7 or so teeth are not getting clean and that they’ll be a mes by the time he goes to his first dental appointment. Any tips? No cavities please.
— Unknown
I have a 16 month old son who refuses to brush his teeth or to brush them himself. Any suggestions on getting small children to brush their teeth? Thanks.
— Bryant
We are having a difficult time brushing our 18 month old’s teeth. He never really liked to brush but now he just refuses to open his mouth. We typically try this right before bedtime. He watches me brush my teeth and then I attempted to brush his. Any advice about brushing toddler’s teeth would be greatly appreciated! We used to use a finger brush, then hanged to a toddler brush when he seemed to not like the finger brush anymore. I am just worried about caries/cavities and plaque. Help!
— Momo
Hi there. My 3 1/2 year old son does not like to brush his teeth. I often have to chase him around with a tooth brush. He ends up eating the tooth paste before we get to the stink to rinse his mouth. I asked his dentist, who said it was okay to eat a small amount. I am thinking small amount twice a day can add up. Does anyone know the safety of eating tooth paste? Please give me any advice on how to get him to brush his teeth. I am so tired from chasing him around. I tried letting him choose his tooth brush (I have 5 different ones at home) and tooth paste.
— Lisa
“I am looking for some advice on getting my 6 year old son enthused about brushing his teeth. While I have read over previous suggestions they mostly seem to be targeted towards younger children.

This situation has become extremely burdonsome on a daily/nightly bases. I have to ask over and over for him to brush, only to have him protest, whine, etc.which simply adds to my stress of the situation. I simply do not know what to do to entice some excitement in him over his very necessary task. I have tried to explain to him how crucial it is to brush effectively and regularly, and have even joked with him by telling him that he won’t want to eat jello and apple sauce through straws all his life if his teeth fall out!!

He has already had 3 cavities filled, and is scheduled to have 2 more filled in the next month. While I understand that this is a partly hereditary (as I had numerous filling as a child, yet have healthy teeth today). I am concerned that his behavior about brushing is having a lot to do with. Advice would be greatly valued!
— Unknown